Magento Reviews (Positive & Negative) and Reasons to Use or Migrate to Magento


Magento is a leading ecommerce platform! Read the Magento reviews and discover why you should use or migrate to this ecommerce solution!

Magento is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. This ecommerce solution has been officially released in 2008 and has gained popularity and soon became one of the biggest open source platforms on the market.
There are three different versions of Magento:
1. Magento Go – This is a hosted solution and similar to the popular platform – Shopify. This version is more suited to smaller retailers and allows users to upgrade.
2. Magento Community – This is a free version of Magento and it is used by the majority of Magento users. Magento Community has great features and it is suitable for most retailers.
3. Magento Enterprise – This is their premium version. It offers more functionality and adds value to all enterprise-level retailers. This version is expensive and it is not the best option for small and mid-sized retailers.

Using Magento, has its own pros and cons. For example, Magento is free to download, it is highly customizable, it has a strong user community, an impressive feature set, it is scalable, and etc. On the other side, using Magento requires developer skills and experience and there is no customer support.



Magento has one of the most impressive feature lists. If you are seriously considering using this platform, we highly recommend taking a look at the full list of features and pay attention to the section titles. The end of the list includes features that are exclusive to Magento Commerce. Some of the most important capabilities are creating flexible coupon codes, customer groups, showing recently viewed and compared products, persistent shopping cart, send wish lists by email, Google sitemap, friendly URLs, meta-information, multi-site capabilities, manage permissions, let customers download purchases, unlimited product attributes, Google analytics integration, built-in report features, mobile responsive design compatible, and much more.

Most Magento users are happy and satisfied with the platform. But, as always, there are a few ways that this platform could improve. Some of the most common negative Magento reviews are:

– Expensive: When you calculate web hosting, web developer costs, and extra integrations, the platform can become really expensive and not every type of business can afford it.
– Slow: Magento can usually run slow which isn’t effective for managing your store or achieving the high spot on a search results page.
– No customer support: Another downside is that there is no customer support which means that you are on your own.
– Experience or skills are required: Magento requires expertise, coding skills, and tech experience. However, once you get over that curve, there is a high return-of-investment or ROI once you get over the curve.
– Bugs: There are a few users who have reported that Magento 2.0 is a bit buggy.
– Can’t use cheap hosting: Magento is a powerful ecommerce solution and requires a powerful web host.

Here Magento Alternatives to make the switch easier.

In general, users love Magento and here are some of the positive Magento reviews:
– Large User Community: There are a lot of retailers out there facing the same issues you have.
– Features: This platform has absolutely everything you need to start, design, and launch an online store. If you can’t find what you need, the chances are quite good that you will find them in the Magento Marketplace.
– Scalable: Magento can easily grow with your business.
– Lots of applications: There are lots of ways you can improve and extend your online store’s capabilities.
– Customizable: You can customize any aspect of your store to fit your business’ needs.

If you think Magento is the right solution for your business, we recommend signing up for a free trial.